Yorkshire Museum

Uncover the history of York from prehistory to the city’s medieval past at the Yorkshire Museum.

Before exploring York’s present, come and indulge in York’s past. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of historic York, from roman foundations to it’s medieval majesty, to the bloody battles of the civil war.

Meet the people of the Empire as you travel back to Roman York. See who founded York as a powerful garrison city, a thriving centre for trade and a court of three emperors. Discover what the lives of the real citizens of Eboacum were like in York on the edge of the Roman world.

Explore our gallery, packed with Roman artefacts of glittering jewels, statues, carvings, real life skeletons and preserved roman bodies.

Bow before the king in the medieval kingdoms. Anglian kings were baptised in the churches of York, Viking warriors plotted their southen raids, and the Normans cruelly stamped their authority onto the masses.

See the city transform from a sea of battles and war to a flourishing golden age of innovation, religion and trade.

See the extinct way of life and enter a world of wild beasts and towering monsters. Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, see the enormous sea monsters and come face to face with an ichthyosaur and his friends in our aquarium gallery. Discover why the species have disappeared, and what replaced them. We will take you on a educational journey of earth natural history.


At the Yorkshire Museum, you can discover thousands of year of history all in one place.

Kids go FREE in 2015!


York Museum Gardens , York , North Yorkshire , YO17FR , United Kingdom